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Minnesota solar energy sites are quickly becoming well known for supporting more than just clean energy. They are important sites for pollinators, wildlife, and water quality improvements. Thousands of acres of native grasses and pollinator habitat are being added statewide as part of an initiative for better land use practices on solar farms. Traditionally, mowed turf lawn or gravel have been placed under solar panels, providing little to no benefit to wildlife, pollinator species, or storm water management; and creating a challenging maintenance regime. MNL, Inc. is proud to lead the way in  efforts to increase pollinator habitat in our state while creating a low maintenance vegetated projects, setting an example for the rest of the nation to follow. With our highly skilled and experienced staff and specialized equipment, we have developed innovative procedures to complete projects effectively and efficiently.

Minnesota’s Premier Native Vegetation and Land Management Experts

We understand that each solar site comes with its own set of site conditions and challenges, and we are prepared to do whatever is needed to help create the most successful project. Our years of experience and dedication to innovation and quality set us apart from the competition. We strive to complete projects in the most resourceful manner possible by providing customized solutions.


MNL Solar Seed Mixes:

MNL Solar Seed Mixes



MNL Solar Energy Services:



Vegetation Planning and Management

  • Develop vegetation management and re-vegetation plans
  • Create custom seed mixes based on individual site conditions or requirements
  • Exceed Prairie Establishment Guideline standards
  • Long term maintenance options for the life of the site, 25+ years
  • Wetland compliance
  • Erosion control
  • Industry leading products and materials
  • Soil health and stabilization
  • Noxious and invasive weed control
  • Herbicide applications (neonicotinoid free)
  • Mowing (selective and large-scale)
  • Conservation Grazing

Native Vegetation Installation

  • Innovative site preparation techniques
  • Decompaction & soil preparations
  • Permanent and temporary seeding
  • Tree removal and clearing
  • Grading: swales, ditches, berms, etc

Contractor and Operations

  • Site evaluation, monitoring, and reporting
  • Planning and construction
  • Construction coordination
  • Permit obligations
  • Consultation
  • Facilities maintenance
  • Helicopter aerial surveys
  • Snow and ice removal
  • Water mitigation and support
  • Rodent mitigation
  • Module washing

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