Premium Native Seed

Minnesota Native Landscapes produces premium, local origin native grass, sedge, and wildflower seed on our production farms near Foley and Lonsdale. Meticulous attention is paid to ensure seed is locally sourced from remnant Minnesota prairies and grown, cleaned, and tested to the highest standards. Much of our seed is certified “Yellow Tag” by the Minnesota Crop Improvement Association, which verifies that it is of local origin. You can be assured you’re purchasing only clean, viable seed. MNL also strives to produce seeds of otherwise unavailable species that contribute unique or valuable ecological benefit.

MNL now provides seed for sale here on our website! Orders between 100 square feet and 1 acre can be placed on our online shop! For orders over 1 acre, or other inquiries please give us a call at (763) 295-0010. While we are not set up as a retail location, we are happy to schedule an appointment to discuss your project and native product needs.

For seed or seed mix related questions, please contact Josh R.

MNL Native Seed Mixes

Don’t forget to check out MNL’s 5 P’s for Prairie Establishment or our Plug Planting Guidelines if you’re currently planning a new prairie project!

Other MNL Seed Mixes


State of MN/MNDOT/BWSR Seed Mixes – All available, with custom order sizes optional (including small orders < 10 lbs). Please call to order (763) 295-0010


CRP Seed Mixes:  MNL can provide any CRP, put together almost entirely with native, local-origin species rather than the “cultivars” that are commonly used on CRP projects.  Contact us today about any of these mixes:

CP2 Seed Mix:  Establishment of Permanent Native Grasses

CP25 Seed Mix:  Restoration of Rare & Declining Habitat – Tallgrass Prairie

CP33 Seed Mix:  Habitat Buffers for Upland Birds

CP42 Seed Mix:  Native Habitat Development for Pollinators

More information on MN CRP mixes can be found here


ALL CREP mixes now available. Call (763)295-0010 for pricing.


Custom Mixes – Not finding what you’re looking for? MNL can custom design a seed mix using any species we produce, have in inventory, or can find commercially to best match your site and project goals.


MNL also specializes in the creation of custom seed packets. Visit the custom seed packet page to learn more.