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The City of Minnetonka presents the Planting for Pollinators in Minnetonka Online Plant Sale. We are pleased to offer this online sale of native plants to benefit pollinators in our community.  See below for a list of available plants and more details about the pick-up event.

Create your very own, custom kit of 36 native plants.

Save $10 — Exclusive Planting for Pollinators in Minnetonka price!

Each kit comes with six plants of each species selected.  If you’d like more than six of a certain species, simply choose that species more than once!

Not sure which plants to chose?  Learn more about each species in the description below.

Presale closed.  See you at the event!

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Planiting for Pollinators in Minnetonka

Thanks for purchasing native plants for your Minnetonka property! Many plants on this list are “Superfoods,” providing especially high-nutrition pollen and/or nectar that appeals to Monarch Butterflies, Rusty Patched Bumble Bees and many other pollinators. Others are host plants, providing food for caterpillars and other insects during their early life stages.

We encourage you to include one or more spieces of Milkweed in your planting.  Common Milkweed, Swamp Milkweed, Showy Milkweed, and Butterfly Weed are all Milkweed varieties availabe in this sale.  Milkweed attracts a wonderful variety of pollinators, but is especially important for Monarch Butterflies–this is the only food Monarch caterpillars eat!


**Plants must be pre-ordered by Friday, September 10. Plants will be available for pickup Friday, September 17 at this event.

City of Minnetonka/MNL Native Plant Sale pick-up event:

Friday, September 17. 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Minnetonka Public Works, 11522 Minnetonka Blvd. Minnetonka, MN 55305

Use the west entrance (closest to the playground/ballfields) and follow signs to the pick-up site



Common NameScientific NamePlant TypeMoisture LightHeightBloom Color Bloom Season
YarrowAchillea millefoliumForbDryFull Sun, Part Shade12-36"WhiteSummer
Anise HyssopAgastache foeniculumForbDry, MoistFull Sun, Part Shade24-48"PurpleSummer, Fall
Prairie OnionAllium stellatumForbDryFull Sun8-18"PinkSummer
Prairie SageArtemisia ludovicianaForbDryFull Sun12-36"White/YellowSummer, Fall
Swamp MilkweedAsclepias incarnataForbMoist, WetFull Sun12-60"PinkSummer, Fall
Showy MilkweedAsclepias speciosaForbDry, MoistFull Sun24-36"PinkSummer
Common MilkweedAsclepias syriacaForbDry, MoistFull Sun, Part Shade24-48"Pink/PurpleSummer
Butterfly Weed
Asclepias tuberosaForbDry, MoistFull Sun12-36"OrangeSummer, Fall
Sideoats GramaBouteloua curtipendulaGrassDry, MoistFull Sun12-36"TanSummer
Blue GramaBouteloua gracilisGrassDryFull Sun, Part Shade8-24"Purple/BrownSummer, Fall
Pointed Broom SedgeCarex scopariaSedgeMoist, WetFull Sun24-42"BrownSummer
Awl Fruited SedgeCarex stipataSedgeMoist, WetFull Sun, Part Shade12-36"BrownSummer
Prairie CoreopsisCoreopsis palmataForb Dry, MoistFull Sun12-36"YellowSummer
Purple Prairie CloverDalea purpureaLegumeDry, MoistFull Sun12-36"PurpleSummer
Flat Topped AsterDoellingeria umbellataForbMoist, WetFull Sun, Part Shade24-84"White Summer, Fall
Prairie CinquefoilDrymocallis argutaForbDryFull Sun, Part Shade12-36"WhiteSummer
Narrow Leaved ConeflowerEchinacea angustifoliaForb DryFull Sun12-24"PurpleSummer, Fall
Rattlesnake MasterEryngium yuccifoliumForbDry, MoistFull Sun24-60"White/GreenSummer
BonesetEupatorium perfoliatumForbMoist, WetFull Sun 24-48"WhiteSummer, Fall
Big Leaved AsterEurybia macrophyllaForbDry, MoistPart Shade, Full Shade12-48"White/PurpleSummer, Fall
Joe Pye WeedEutrochium maculatumForb Moist, WetFull Sun24-84"Pink/PurpleSummer
Prairie SmokeGeum triflorumForbDryFull Sun6-16"PinkSpring
SneezeweedHelenium autumnaleForbMoist, WetFull Sun24-60"YellowFall
Maximillian SunflowerHelianthus maximilianiForbDry, MoistFull Sun36-120"YellowSummer, Fall
Stiff SunflowerHelianthus pauciflorusForbDryFull Sun24-60YellowSummer, Fall
Common Ox-eye SunflowerHeliopsis helianthoidesForbDry, MoistFull Sun24-60"YellowSummer, Fall
June GrassKoeleria macranthaGrassDryFull Sun, Part Shade12-24"TanSummer
Prairie Blazing StarLiatris pycnostachyaForbDry, MoistFull Sun, Part Shade24-60"PurpleSummer, Fall
Cardinal FlowerLobelia cardinalisForbMoist, WetFull Sun, Part Shade12-60"RedSummer
Monkey FlowerMimulus ringensForbMost, WetFull Sun, Part Shade12-36"PurpleSummer
Wild BergamotMonarda fistulosaForbDry, MoistFull Sun24-48"PurpleSummer
Self HealPrunella vulgarisForbDry, MoistFull Sun, Part Shade6-12"PurpleSummer, Fall
Mountain MintPycnanthemum virginianumForbDry, MoistFull Sun, Part Shade24-36"WhiteSummer
Long-headed ConeflowerRatibida columniferaForb Dry, MoistFull Sun, Part Shade36-48"YellowSummer
Yellow ConeflowerRatibida pinnataForbDry, MoistFull Sun, Part Shade36-60"YellowSummer
Little BluestemSchizachyrium scopariumGrassDry, MoistFull Sun, Part Shade24-36"Purple/BrownSummer, Fall
Cup PlantSilphium perfoliatumForbMoist, WetFull Sun, Part Shade60-84"YellowSummer
Zig Zag GoldenrodSolidago flexicaulisForbDry, MoistPart Shade, Full Shade24-48"YellowFall
Upland GoldenrodSolidago ptarmicoidesForbDry, MoistFull Sun, Part Shade12-24"WhiteSummer, Fall
Stiff GoldenrodSolidago rigidaForbDry, MoistFull Sun36-48"YellowFall
Showy GoldenrodSolidago speciosaForbDry, MoistFull Sun, Part Shade36-60"YellowFall
Prairie DropseedSporobolus heterolepisGrassDry, MoistFull Sun24-48"TanSummer, Fall
Lindley's AsterSymphyotrichum ciliolatumForbDry, MoistPart Shade, Full Shade12-48"BlueFall
Heath AsterSymphyotrichum ericoidesForbDry, MoistFull Sun, Part Shade36-48"Lavender Fall
New England AsterSymphyotrichum novae-angliaeForbMoist, WetFull Sun, Part Shade60-84"PurpleFall
Sky Blue AsterSymphyotrichum oolentangienseForbDry, MoistFull Sun, Part Shade24-36"LavenderFall
Hoary VervainVerbena strictaForbDry, MoistFull Sun12-36"Purple/BlueSummer
IronweedVernonia fasciculataForbMoist, WetFull Sun36-72"PurpleSummer, Fall