MNL Weed Control Mix

A mix of Clopyralid resistant species to aid in invasive weed control 

Diverse mix of grasses & wildflowers that are Clopyralid resistant for effective weed control without loss of mix diversity. This mix was specially designed for use in sites with a history of weed pressure from a mix of undesirable invasive weeds, such as: Canada thistle, bur dock, spotted knapweed, sweet clover, and more. The flowering species in this mix were chosen because of their resistance to Clopyralid herbicides, making future weed management more effective without losing diversity of native species. Each seed mix order will ship with an appropriate amount of cover crop seed for the project area – species of cover crop seed will depend on the time of year the product is ordered (if you have a delayed planting time in mind, please indicate that in a note at check out).


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Weed Control Mix

Common NameScientific NameType of Plant% of MixBloom Season
Big BluestemAndropogon gerardiiGrass10
Side-Oats GrammaBouteloua curtipendulaGrass23
Blue GrammaBouteloua gracilisGrass5
Canada Wild RyeElymus canadensisGrass9
SwitchgrassPanicum virgatumGrass4
Little BluestemSchizachyrium scopariumGrass16
Indian GrassSorghastrum nutansGrass13
Anise HyssopAgastache foeniculumForb.5Summer
Prairie OnionAllium stellatumForb1.5Summer
Swamp MilkweedAsclepias incarnataForb1Summer
Common MilkweedAsclepias syriacaForb2.55Summer
Butterfly MilkweedAsclepias tuberosaForb.75Summer
Great St. Johns WortHypericum pyramidatumForb.75Summer
Wild BergamotMonarda fistulosaForb1.5Summer
Spotted Bee BalmMonarda punctataForb.25Summer
Large Flowered PenstemonPenstemon grandiflorusForb.2Spring
Obedient PlantPhysostegia virginianaForb.5Summer
Prairie CinquefoilDrymocallis argutaForb.25Summer
Mountain MintPycnanthemum virginianumForb.25Summer
Purple Meadow RueThalictrum dasycarpumForb.5Summer
Prairie SpiderwortTradescantia bracteataForb.25Spring
Ohio SpiderwortTradescantia ohiensisForb.50Spring
Blue VervainVerbena hastataForb2.25Summer
Hoary VervainVerbena strictaForb3.5Summer
Golden AlexandersZizia aureaForb3Spring

MNL Weed Control Mix

MNL produces premium, local origin native seed.  All of our native seed is tested for noxious weeds and certified to be of local origin.  It is also tested for germination and purity, allowing us to sell it as “Pure Live Seed” (PLS).  This assures you are only paying for viable seed.