Minneapolis Monarch Festival – Festival de la Monarcha – Preorder

The Nokomis East Neighborhood Association and the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board present:

The 13th Annual Monarch Festival – Festival de la Monarca

Event page: Monarch Festival – Festival de la Monarca

Use this form to preorder your plants for pickup at the festival. See description below for available plant kit options and more information about the event.

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13th Annual Minneapolis Monarch Festival – Festival de la Monarca

Where:  Lake Nokomis, Minneapolis

When: Saturday, September 11, 2021

Learn more about the event here: Monarch Festival – Festival de la Monarca 

 Read about the available plant kits or full trays of Monarch-friendly species below. Preorder today and your plants will be ready for pickup at the event!  MNL will have native plant experts on site, during the event, to answer any questions and provide helpful transplanting tips.  


Plant Kits

All plant kits include 36 native plugs; six plants of six different species.  We recommend planting in a 40-60 sq. ft. area.

Monarch Special Kit

The Monarch Special Kit is designed to create the perfect environment for our orange and black winged friends. With milkweed species for the caterpillars to feast on and other blooming species for nectar, they won’t be able to resist. More than just for butterflies, you will enjoy a variety of colorful blooms, as well. Best planted anywhere with plenty of sunlight any anywhere you want to see Monarch Butterflies.

Short Prairie Kit

Perfect for small or preexisting ornamental flowerbeds, the Short Prairie Kit is designed with compact species that don’t mind staying in one spot. This collection will provide Spring and Summer blooms in a wide range of colors while providing habitat for all types of pollinators, insects, and butterflies. Consider using as an accent under a mailbox, near a flagpole, under a post and rail fence, or even in front of your home.

Tall Prairie Kit

Big, tall, wild, and bold, the Big Prairie Kit is not for the timid. Best planted in open spaces, these plants will drop seed and cover more ground over time. Full of lush plants ranging from three feet to over five feet in height, you can create a native environment to literally lose yourself in. The Big Prairie kit will create habitat for all varieties of pollinators as well as many different songbirds. Consider planting in clearings or open spaces with room to grow and plenty of sunlight.

Shade Garden Kit

Perfect for yards with tall trees and plenty of shade and filtered sunlight. Expect blossoms early in the year with more arriving as Summer and Fall roll around. The Shade Garden Kit will provide an ideal environment for many varieties of insects and pollinators.  Don’t be surprised if you see a hummingbird or two. Consider planting under mature trees, on the north facing side of taller buildings, and anywhere else with limited direct sunlight.

Rain Garden Kit

Designed perfectly for smaller, contained runoff areas.  Enjoy bright and vibrant blossoms throughout the growing season. Expect to attract a wide variety of insects and pollinators to your rain garden, including Monarch Butterflies! Consider planting at the edge of parking lots, driveways, and any other areas with concentrated runoff.

Short Prairie Grass Kit

A versatile collection of resilient, short-statured prairie grasses, this is the perfect compliment to any of our prairie flower kits. The Short Prairie Grass Kit is designed to provide ground cover, color, texture, and a natural look and feel to help support any of our prairie flowers. Also a great habitat for many pollinators, insects, and birds. Consider planting under prairie flowers as support, or in open areas to help minimize wind and water erosion. Suitable for all ranges of sunlight and moisture.

Tall Prairie Grass Kit

The Tall Prairie Grass Kit provides a hearty assortment of tall, native prairie grasses. This kit is specifically designed to be used alongside many of our taller prairie flower kits to provide ground cover, color, texture, and support. With thick growth and height potential of over seven feet, it will provide lush habitat for insects, pollinators, and songbirds of all types. Consider planting with other tall prairie flowers for support and in open areas with no height restrictions. Great for open spaces to minimize soil erosion. Suitable for all ranges of sunlight and moisture.

Wetland Edge Kit

Perfect for the border of any wetland area, the Wetland Edge Kit will provide fantastic habitat for a variety of wildlife, including insects, frogs, and birds. Expect
a variety of different blooming colors in the Summer into the Fall. Consider planting near any wetland or rain garden area in direct or filtered sunlight.

Shoreline Stabilization Kit 

The Shoreline Stabilization Kit is designed to provide attractive, natural protection and native habitat on the water’s edge. Safeguard any shoreline from erosion with this collection of deep rooted aquatic plants while creating habitat for a wide range of wetland creatures and spawning grounds for a variety of fish. Plant on the shoreline of any large body of water.

Butterfly Weed (Asclepias tuberosa)Full Tray, 36 Plants

Host plant for Monarch caterpillars.  A favorite of many for it’s short stature (24-36″), vibrant orange blossoms, and long bloom season.  

Common Milkweed (Asclepias syriaca)Full Tray, 36 Plants

As the staple host plant and food source for Monarch caterpillars, if there is Common Milkweed around you can bet Monarchs are too!  Very rugged and able to grow in a broad range of soil and sun conditions.  A prolific Milkweed species, Common Milkweed will likely spread out over time.  

Showy Milkweed (Asclepias speciosa) – Full Tray, 36 Plants

A fitting name, earned by producing showy, star-shaped pink and white blossoms.  A host plant for Monarch caterpillars and thrives in moist soils.