Liatris ligulistylis Corms – Limited time offer!


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What is a corm?

A corm is a portion of the plant stem found at or below the soil surface that stores the plant nutrients between growing seasons, similar to a bulb or tuber. MNL’s Liatris corms are local (MN) origin and have been in cold storage through the winter. We have two species available for spring sale and planting in two sizes. Our smaller sized corms are the more traditional size and are golf ball size on average, the larger corms are about the size of a baseball – some larger!


Liatris ligulistylis                                                        

Meadow Blazing Star

Common habitat: Meadows, Moist Prairies, Shorelines,
Ditch Banks, Mesic Prairies


How do I plant a corm?

Corms are fairly versatile and easy to plant. MNL’s corms will come with some stem and root material evident, so you can use that as a guide. For best results, bury the corm with stem remnants (or buds) facing upward and root material (if present) facing down, just below the soil surface and gently water (if available) following installation. MNL’s Liatris corms will do best when planted spring 2018. If planted in April / May, plants will likely flower during the first growing season. The dormant plant material on each corm is dead vegetation and will not regrow, so use these as a guide but do not be worried if they fall off.


Liatris ligulistylis   


Small Corms


Large Corms