Conservation Grazing Program

MNL Conservation Grazing
An integrated approach to land management

In 2017, Minnesota Native Landscapes (MNL) developed the Conservation Grazing Program in order to provide the most ecologically comprehensive land management services in the region. Through the planned impact of livestock grazing, MNL provides an additional tool for land managers on large and small tracts of land, both public and privately owned, to achieve various ecological goals. MNL’s Conservation Grazing Program takes an integrated and holistic approach to regenerative land management, deploying the appropriate species and class of livestock with precision accuracy in order to achieve our customer’s ecological, conservation, and production goals.


For more information, contact our Conservation Grazing Team: (763)295-0010

Services provided:

  • Conservation Grazing Planning
  • Ecosystem Enhancement
  • Vegetation Management
  • Fire Fuels Reduction
  • Patch-Burn Grazing
  • Cover Crop Grazing
  • Site Preparation Grazing

Benefits of grazing:                    

  • Ecologically appropriate habitat enhancement
  • Local and regenerative food production
  • Reduce or eliminate herbicide use
  • Increases rate of nutrient cycling
  • Improves water infiltration rates
  • Targeted vegetation management

Grazers we utilize:

  • American Bison
    • Optimally effective on large land tracks
    • Conducive to prairie and savanna ecosystems
    • Ideal in long term land management plans
  • Cattle
    • Effective on large to small scale properties
    • Conducive to prairies, wetlands and open woodlands
    • Ideal for cover crop utilization
  • Sheep
    • Effective on large to small scale properties
    • Conducive to prairies, savannas and lowland properties
    • Ideal for low impact pollinator habitat management
  • Goats
    • Effective on large to small scale properties
    • Conducive to prairies, savannas and woodlands
    • Ideal for brush control following forestry mowing

The Process:  MNL works with each land owner and land manager to customize a Conservation Grazing Plan that meets the needs, ecological goals, and desired outcomes of any landscape. Depending upon those goals, the time of year, stage of ecological succession, and site-specific conditions of each project, the Conservation Grazing Plan is developed by the land owner, MNL’s Ecologist and MNL’s Grazing Coordinator. MNL then deploys and manages the appropriate species to execute the grazing plan. Livestock are rotated through the landscape with precision accuracy to achieve the desired ecological outcome. Cattle, goats, and sheep are easily deployed using simple electric fencing and water systems, a very agile and temporary approach; while bison require much more project planning and permanent infrastructure.  All grazing operations and ecological outcomes are monitored and grazing plans are adjusted as needed to continue meeting the expectations of the customer.